• Personal character, taste , history and  moral values determines activity.
  • Activity determines a specific lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle defines individuals.
  • Individuality is the essence of modern~day society.
  • Modern day society leaves little to the imagination!

Imagination is the birth place of invention.

  • Invention is today , yesterday and tomorrow.
  • Today is lived.
  • Yesterday is cherished.
  • Tomorrow is ……

I am ever evolving As the human specie is.

  • From strait a student to extremely  rebellious teenager and Wild young adult.
  • From overworked successful twenty summing adult to unprepared mother and wife
  • From wife and mother to Adult.

Adult to Adult :

Dont stop imagining. Dont forget to taste , test and try ultra new trends. Dont stop inventing your personal self. Self worth is a personal opinion and my opinion is this.

You decide if my work is worth reading. Either way I am exploring blogging. You are worth writing to. Either way I am a worthy writer.

I will conform to society but I will never give up my childish  writing spirit that defines me. Hold on to yours.

Thank you for loving me. You are supported and loved in all you do if you are reading this . Especially the ones who  …. ♥ Ak ( me ) a ♥ Crazy white chick …


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