I am a middle class South-African citizen. One in a million who dream of a beautifUll home of their own.

I believe in the teachings of Robert T Kiyosaki about financial education. I am a huge fan. I am also very openminded.

Financial Education
Financial Education

When i heard of the concept of peer to peer business lending i was intriqued. I was excited about the possibility of securing finances to attain my own property. Minor bad decisions on my part had caused the bank to decline my applications.Learn aLearn about peer to peer

The following information is shocking and sad :

Bond A Property Sa


This company operates on  the principles of peer to peer lending.


  • The company first sells the idea of owning your own home.
  • The process includes you to pay R12 500.00 setup cost.
  • A company namely a (Pty) ldt will be registered for you.
  • A trust will be tegistered for the company
  • The money will be funded through private investors and will be dealt with though the pty.

Needless to say all this administration work actually happens, but the financing never becomes available.

It has been speculated that this is a scam. Although many had been faithfull in trusting it has now cone to light that it indeed is a set- up.

It saddens me that In todays society this type of scamming is given life.

Please stand agains this. DISCUSS this. Research this subject.

In the meantime i work hard and rent peacefully and fair.


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