Hip Hop

Crazy White Chick
Crazy White Chick

Hip Hop is a culture on earth from heaven. Our hearts beat R@ppidly 24/7. Our souls live to dream. In rhythm we breath. Hands in the air if you feeling this beat…”

Believe it or not. I wrote this days before I was institutionalised because I literally went insain. That is another story. This is about my love for Hip Hop.

Hip Hop originated from the 1970’$. An underground movement known as Hip Hop began to develop in the Bronx New York. It focused on Mc’ing, break-beats and house parties. The culture is characterised by specific elements: Rap, turn tabalism, b-boying and grafiti art.Inspired by Dj KOOL HERC. Afrika Bambaata created a street organization called Universal Zulu nation. Centered around Hip Hop as means to draw teenagers out of gang life. Hip Hop in spite of it being a billion dollar industry is the blues to the working poor.  Hip hop is the streets News room. Hip hop is a platform where raw emotion can be expressed and opinions can be given touching on sensitive subjects. It has become a pillar of strength among men and woman who are faced with the daily struggles in the world today. It has become a home for youth who are troubled. It has become a friend to the lonely. It has become a phenomena. There is loads of information about the history. The influences. The key players. The trends ect.

I was introduced to Hip Hop at the age of 14. The first Hip Hop I listened to was Tupac Shakir. Today I am 29 and my fondest memories are of my rebellious,misguided, dirt-poor friends playing 2Pac on an A-track tape radio sipping on beer talking endlessly about anything that had nothing to do with the realities of life. My kindred spirit naturally believed it could save these boys from a cruel childhood. My wild spirit was eager to explore the forbidden of life that come to light being a teenager. I did not however have any clue that this music. These moments would have a major impact on my future As a writer, person and woman. Hip Hop has become established as a culture. It is a religion in its own right to many including me. Through the years many artists have risen and fallen among us. Many experiences have left scars, tears and laughter. Many songs have played in the backgrounds of these experiences. Hip Hop always being part of it. I only speak for myself,  however in Our culture even when you are alone you are never lonely. This idea has flowed over to pop culture and has influenced social media on a high level. Since i could read and write I told stories, wrote poems, started novels, memoirs, but never could write the ending. My work always ended in the second last sentence.

Family replaced Friends. Play-dates replaced events. Affordable became the latest trend. Hip hop stayed. In my city as  my peers in the others i became a woman. That lead to being a wife which honoured me with motherhood. Hip Hop stayed. My innocence no longer existed but my passion never died. Smartphones and other hi-tech apps replaced a-track tapes. Yesterday’s thrills now became Issues: Substance abuse red flagged addiction. Social drinking uttered alcoholism. Casual sex spelled Hiv & aids. Social groups pointed to acceptance through gangsters and rejection from other Cliques. Traveling carelessly from destination to destination High on life at the drop of a hat a memory. Dangerous! Trespassing & Destruction of property left us gaurded. Depression depleted us and bunking school robbed our education. Wasting money now became our livelihoods . Affected: Change in us as in the cities was inevitable. Changed we live on. Hip Hop changed to cater for a younger generation. Fashion  along with it.

Instilled in me. Imprinted onto me were the principles. The culture. Hip Hop. Kindly excited to Teach our ways and worn off others my writing took on a new form. Lyricism. In me was a matured, educated, experienced Hip Hop believer, but I was voiceless. My journey to becoming an mc began and there it was. Pure at heart. Devoted. Determined. I found my place. Home is where the heart is. My home is wherever my daughters are. Where ever i am: Hip Hop lingers in the air Whether it be a song playing. Lyric waiting to be written or subject discussed.

Living a successfully life leaves little time to play but when I do I play for keeps.

Hip Hop empowered me to pursue public blogging. To bravely speak and be myself. Many people who know me will meet and understand me for the first time. Others will hate.  in the end I will put my lyrics on paper. Mix a beat. Combine the elements and practice what I preach.  I will Open a beer with my best friend when my daughters sleep and continue to follow. That will never change!

The ending to the lyrics I quoted firstly goes:

“Crazy white chick in the house ripping it apart proving once again rhyming is an art”.

Apart from my mixing programme and audio recordings.The last sentence of my work is now always followed by my name.

By Roxie

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