Brainstorm ♥¿♥¿♥←☆

unnamed (4)“Heavenly angels fly with the literature…readings angel ears”…… Crazy white chick

  • Blogging requires time, money & attention.
  • I do not have either today friends. Did I mention?
  • Inspired! Days ago I published my latest story.
  • Honest, sincere & real.
  • Factual. Focused on my true feel.
  • I faithfully shared a piece of my heart, my soul & my inner being.
  • Rewarded by my reader seeing.
  • No opinions, criticism, comments or likes.
  • Just a simple notification confirming I read your site.
  • Frank. An unexpected delight!
  • Frankly the reason I blog tonite.
  • The last two days have been filled with mayhem, mishap & mistake.
  • I bravely come to set the record straight.
  • I loyally report.
  • 1 story no blogging short.
  • I leave this message tonite it took me 6 hours to pen down what I cant manage to writE
  • Uninspired I hope my dedication is admired.
  • Il keep you if you keep me in your prayers.
  • Me writing at 12. You reading. Cares!
  • One step closer to better.
  • Your  significance official.
  •  Love my  Blogged letter.
  • My fear of failure now conquered. overcome.
  • Connected even when un(Done).

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